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Eduardo Sieber

Using the technology, AI, and tools available in the market I have been able to increase my productivity and automate almost all the tasks in my business and I want YOU to be able to do the same.

Eduardo Sieber

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All is not lost, yet...

Eduardo Sieber

In the last 10 years, I’ve been looking for ways to make money and create things for and by myself, both as a freelancer and starting businesses in different niches.

And no matter what I do I always faced the same challenges…

Plan and start automating the smart way, success is around the corner.

Eduardo Sieber

After addressing numerous questions throughout this journey, and through extensive practice and learning from mistakes, I’ve enhanced my efficiency and time management. This positive change is evident not only in my finances but also, crucially, in my well-being. I’ve achieved this without disrupting my commitments.

Now, my objective is to assist YOU and as many others as possible in attaining similar results. That’s why I aim to provide tools, ideas, and content to inspire and empower action for enhancing and automating what I view as the five essential ‘pillars’ of both businesses and freelancers.

From your digital presence to your accounting

Eduardo Sieber

But what are these “pillars”? It doesn’t matter if you are a physical or online business selling products or services. There are five areas that you have to cover if or if and automate as much as possible with technology to scale your business without dying in the attempt and they are:

Digital Presence

Nowadays not only a website is important and MANDATORY, but also being in the social networks RELEVANT to your industry and type of product or service. You don’t have to be in all of them, be smart and select where your ideal client is.


The reality is that EVERYONE needs marketing, but that’s not just contacting an influencer or running paid campaigns. It’s crucial to have a clear plan and strategy and trust that there are plenty of platforms that can help you execute them successfully.


Very few people talk about this, but it is the most annoying part and one of the most important that with today’s tools from creating automated invoices to sending the information to the IRS can be accomplished in a couple of clicks.


Marketing, customer service, accounting, orders to suppliers, order and customer tracking and endless activities that will arise as you grow. While I am a fan of managing everything on a custom dashboard, there are ways to connect everything and control everything in one place.

Customer Service

The only way to make money is to get your customer to buy from you and the way you deal with them is very important, but also very time consuming. Here you have to find a balance between not robotizing the interaction but making sure that both the customer and you have a positive, fast and smooth experience during the transaction.

Eduardo Sieber

While I tried to summarize everything as much as possible, I know it can be overwhelming, but little by little it can be done and trust that even small areas that you can automate or improve digitally will make a big change! Don't know how to get started? Contact me to come up with a plan, and find the best tools or solutions that fit YOUR personal situation!

“Eduardo has build a well functioning business website for our company and help us automating some internal processes. He is patient and understands the job immediately, helps out when necessary, and in emergencies, he comes to the rescue.

Johannes Trebes

Johannes Trebes



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